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מבצע חורף: לינה חינם במתחם וילות אואזיס IBIZA

Learn to Sail Together Holiday

 The "Learn To Sail Together Holiday" Boating license Spain holiday vacation program is a unique program in all the world that are offers only true our Sailing school Ibiza Spain, INA International Nautical Academy clients have the opportunity to rent an amazing catamaran in Ibiza for their family/fringes holiday vacation  and to get there Powerboat level 2 , Day skipper or even their MasterYacht Offshore  international boat license certification while having fun aboard a catamaran yacht in Ibiza with your family and friends aboard . To create that amazing and unique program we have team up with Ibiza Catamarans that is one of the best Catamaran charter company in Ibiza. so if you are one of those that want to rent rent a boat without skipper  on your next vacation now achieve your dream without needing to do a long and exhausting course. Now you can learn while enjoying with your love one. Every member of the group can participate and get their own certificate. We also have sailing activity and certificate for children, no one is left behind 😎 We offer weekly courses in English/France/Spanish.


Our standard courses are for beginners and experience  sailors as well .  we offer adaptable and flexible training content based on your family’s requirements and experience.

Our qualified and friendly instructors will introduce you to the fundamentals of sailing whilst keeping your whole experience light and enjoyable.

Our yachts are suitable for families of various sizes.

Accommodation is aboard a 12 meter  amazing catamaran

Our courses teach you a variety of skills and include the whole family.

A certificate will be issued to each member of the family.

In the end of your "sailing license vacation" you will receive an International Sailing Schools Association (ISSA) International Boat license Spain that is recognised nized worldwide; get  your first step discovering the sailing life and new waters across the globe.

The course period and charter vacation aboard the catamaran can be extended upon 

For experienced sailors, we are able to tailor our courses based on existing certificates and experience.

We hope to see you on board soon 😄

ISSA  Sailing License Certificate 

Day Skipper Course
Powerboat level 2 course
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