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מבצע חורף: לינה חינם במתחם וילות אואזיס IBIZA

Oasis villas is an amazingly beautiful complex equipped with a tennis court and a private pool in each villa. There are 3 luxurious villas on the property which can accommodate up to 18 guests in the largest one an up to 9 guests in the smallest.

This is the perfect place for you to enjoy Ibiza while you get your Day skipper beginer course /powerboat level 2/ Our Much mor advance courses like Master of yacht course in Spain in our sailing school  ibiza spain.

Come to make your "Sailing Holiday" and bring your family or friends with you for an amazing vacation on the beautiful island of Ibiza. When getting your International boating license Spain or your international certificate of competence  ( ICC certificate )All villas are fully equipped and ready for you to enjoy t

School Spain Accommodation Complex


International Boat License Spain

Boat Club

Come end join our exclusive Program  "OASIS Boat Club" and instead handling all the trouble and spending a lot on money on owning a boat  join our Boat shering  membership and experience only the fun,without the actual Headache that comes with ownership. we will take care of the everything for you :)  .



Boat Rental in Ibiza

I.N.A specialise in rib / yacht and Sailboat  charter Ibiza.
we would love to rent you one of our 2022 boats
with our without skipper  and to give you the best service on the island. 

Our Partners 

About Us

If you are searching hire a boat ibiza our to pass your Boat License certification you are in the right Place.

I.N.A International Nautical Academy is a  certified  sailing school Spain in Ibiza and a Boat charter company based in Santa Eulalia.  we are  passionate about sailing and Motorboat courses  and we’d love to teach or rent you one of our amazing boats whether you’re a beginner – embarking on your new adventure and going for your  day skipper our powerboat level 2 – or an experienced professional looking to get your advanced  Masteryacht Offshore or even  your Masteryacht Ocean  .You can be assured we have the correct  sailing course or Catamaran rental  to meet your needs and get you to fast track to your International  boating license Spain  .

We offer a big range of Boat rentals such as yacht / rib or Catamaran in ibiza

Our Partners

Our Partners


Achieve Your International Master Of  Yacht  license In  2-5 Days Courses

Sail Together Program 

Let’s start with the punch line , within a week on a an amazing yacht in Ibiza & Formentera you can get your International  Boat License 

Get  your boating license Ibiza
withe all your  family or friends  aboard
When getting your Day skipper /
Powerboat Level2 / Yachtmaster Offshore
  on one of our Boats  In IBIZA


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BSC 78

I.N.A sailing school in ibiza offers  daily & weekly

Boat rentals in Ibiza. 

We own a wide range of  yachts & boats from small Italian ribs which can be rented for day trip  with or without a skipper  up to yachts and Sailboat/catamarans charter that can be rented on a daily or weekly basis for true  Island discovering  vacation.

" Learn to sail together program" is a combination for families/group how want to rent a boat in ibiza and get there international boat license Spain or there international certificate of competence (ICC certificate ) during their  vacation with all your family/friend aboard  .

 After achieving your Day skipper / Powerboar level 2 or Masteryacht offshore Boat license in Ibiza. . We would love to rent boat ibiza for you  .

Boat Rental Ibiza 

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